It's finally here

It's finally here. Now we can stop talking about our songs and let the songs speak for themselves. There's so much to say but hopefully we can talk to you before/after a show, on the road, through our instagram/facebook/twitter. We can't wait to take the album to your city, your homes. What do you think about the songs? The artwork (by Brian Kim)? Within the band, we've got our favorites - ones we love to perform, ones we love to listen to. We also have ones that have already gone through some changes and cant't wait to perform them at the Troubadour next week in their new forms.

It's surreal seeing our album artwork on iTunes - on the main page, on the alternative page, the singer/songwriter page... Ok, i'll stop humble bragging... but come on! This is a pretty great day :)

Anyways, besides being really happy today, there's not much more to say and actually there's a lot of work for us. We're coming to SXSW and looking forward to playing as many shows as possible between the BBQ and drinks. Have to book some tours, find ways to get into some festivals, hopefully open for some amazing bands, etc... But at least for tonight, if you're in LA, we'll be hanging out and giving Sweet Clem popsicles away (fifty of them!) at Copa Vida in Pasadena. Come out from 7-10pm!


You can get the album at your local independent record store, or online from here:
Amazon (MP3, CD, Vinyl):

Album Release

Our album is finally here Tuesday! It has been quite the journey until now, and we all couldn't be more thankful. Thank you for watching our silly YouTube videos, discovering us on Kimmel, coming out to our Hotel Cafe residency, listening to us on NPR, reading up on us in the WSJ, seeing us randomly blip across your TV screens in a Honda commercial, and selling out the Troubadour, TWICE! Let's pack Amoeba out on Thurs! 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and we sincerely hope to continue doing this together with ya'll. 

The album will be available at the following:
Digital - iTunes -
Physical - CD / vinyl - at Amoeba Records Hollywood or at Amazon -